Why WasteCheck?

Wastecheck was established to help build peoples knowledge on how to create win win outcomes with the various Waste Management Service and Resource Recovery Suppliers. We are also here to help improve transparency and build integrity around Waste Management Services.

At WasteCheck we are often asked how we differ to a normal Waste Management Service providers and or Waste Consultants and the answer is fairly simple – not only do we help our Clients maximise their recycling outcomes with our suggested low cost services but we also aggregate multiple businesses together to secure better pricing outcomes for all participants across the required services.

Some of your waste materials have commodity value and the #1 on the 2019 AFR Rich List is the owner of VISY (Recyclers). Therefore Waste Management Service providers will offer significantly cheaper services for materials that have commodity value, as they can also earn income from this material when they process it and “on-sell” it on the commodity markets, to be made into new products. This Circular Economy approach not only helps your bottom line but also the environment.